• Baklava – Layer upon layer of filo, chopped nuts, butter, and honey syrup
  • Floyeres – Rolled baklava
  • Koulourakia – Traditional twisted butter cookies
  • Pasta Flora – Greek jam tarts
  • Melomakarona – Traditional Christmas cookies, drenched in honey syrup and sprinkled with nuts
  • Kourambiethes – Delicate butter cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar
  • Loukoumades – Greek donut treats drizzled with honey and sprinkled with nuts and cinnamon
  • Kataifi – Rolled filo pastry filled with nuts and drizzled with syrup
  • Galaktoboureko – Layers of golden brown crispy filo filled with creamy custard and bathed in scented syrup
  • Karithopita – Walnut cake spiced with cinnamon and ground cloves
  • Diples – Thin sheets of folded, fried dough drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon and ground walnuts


Fest Favorites

  • Gyros – Beef and lamb pita sandwich with tomato, onion, and tzatziki
  • Souvlaki Kalamaki – Seasoned pork skewers served on the stick with bread and lemon
  • Lamb Chops – Our famous lamb chops marinated with Greek seasoning and served with fries
  • Feta Fries – Our delicious fries — with feta!
  • Tyropites – Greek cheese pies in flaky filo dough
  • Spanakopites – Spinach and feta pies in flaky filo dough


Greek Dinners inside the Community Center

  • Roasted Leg of Lamb – Slow roasted, sliced lamb seasoned with a blend of Greek spices and garlic
  • Moussaka – Layers of sautéed eggplant, fresh herbs and ground beef topped with béchamel sauce
  • Pastichio – Layers of pasta and ground beef topped with béchamel sauce
  • Souvlaki – Chicken skewers marinated in lemon, olive oil, and Greek spices and charbroiled over an open flame
  • Dolmathes – Grape leaves stuffed with rice and beef
  • Greek Salad – Tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers, cucumber, and feta cheese,. topped with olive oil and vinegar dressing
  • Pilafi – Rice cooked in broth
  • Fasolakia – Greek-style green beans



  • Frappé – Foam-covered iced coffee made from instant coffee
  • Kafé – Greek coffee
  • Krasi – Greek wine; the festival features a variety of hard-to-find imported wines
  • Beer – Popular Greek imports, imported European drafts, and a variety of local microbrews
  • Ouzo – Anise-flavored aperitif that is a symbol of Greek culture
  • Metaxa – A blend of brandy and wine from sun-dried Savatiano, made with Sultana and Black Corinth grapes